Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title Primary Contact Author Status
1 Collusion Resistant Fingerprinting of Digital Audio Tirkel, Andrew Regular paper
2 Using Decision Trees for Generating Adaptive SPIT Signatures Nassar, Mohamed Regular paper
9 Cryptanalysis of the Stream Cipher BEAN Ågren, Martin Regular paper
10 Corporate networks security evaluation based on attack graphs ABRAMOV, Evgeny Regular paper
14 Echo Hiding Based Stereo Audio Watermarking Against Pitch-Scaling Attacks Natgunanathan, Iynkaran Regular paper
15 The Optimal Linear Multi-Secret Sharing Scheme for Non-Threshold Access Structure(Student Contribution) Tang, Chunming Regular paper
17 Rational distance-bounding protocols over noisy channels Nguyen, Long Regular paper
24 Algebraic analysis of GOST encryption algorithm Maro, Ekaterina Regular paper
26 Fault Attack to the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm with Multiple Bit Faults Pelosi, Gerardo Regular paper
27 Trust based Fusion over Noisy Channels through Anomaly Detection in Cognitive Radio Networks Bhattacharjee, Shameek Regular paper
31 On Automatic Detection of SQL Injection Attacks by the Feature Extraction of the Single Character Sonoda, Michio Regular paper
33 Logic Based Authorization Program and Its implementation Ruan, Chun Regular paper
35 Algebraic Attacks on BEAN a lightweight Stream Cipher Pillai, Rajesh Regular paper
36 Security Analysis of a Femtocell device Borgaonkar, Ravishankar Regular paper
37 Deploying secure satellite networks Fritsche, Wolfgang Regular paper
40 Dynamic Rule and Rule-Field optimization for Improving Firewall Performance and Security Trabelsi, Zouheir Regular paper
42 A Model-Based Attack Injection Approach for Security Validation Morais, Anderson Regular paper
44 Detection of Neighbor Solicitation and Advertisement Spoofing in IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol Biswas, Santosh Regular paper
45 Counteracting DDoS Attacks in WLAN Tupakula, Udaya Regular paper
49 A Secure and Anonymous Cooperative Sensing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Networks Rifa-Pous, Helena Regular paper
60 A HTTP Cookie Covert Channel Yuan, Bo Regular paper
62 Detour Attack In OLSR Gaur, Manoj Regular paper
64 Exploration of a Hand-based Graphical Password Scheme Gao, Haichang Regular paper
65 A Sybil Attack Detection Approach using Neighboring Vehicles in VANET Laxmi, Vijay Regular paper
66 Model checking security policy model using both UML static and dynamic diagrams Cheng, Liang Regular paper
70 TW-KEAP: An Efficient Four-Party Key Exchange Protocol for End-to-End Communications Chiang, Wei-Kuo Regular paper
71 Secure Random Number Generation in Wireless Sensor Networks Milazzo, Fabrizio Regular paper
91 Improving Operation Time Bounded Mission Critical Systemsí Attack-Survivability through Controlled Source-Code Transformation Vignaux, Alban Regular paper
97 A different algebraic analysis on ZUC stream cipher ALMashrafi, Mufeed Regular paper
20 On the Security and Practicality of a Buyer Seller Watermarking Protocol for DRM Poh, Geong Sen Fast Abstract
25 Proposal and Implementation of Enhanced Authentication that Enables Self-Wipe Guo, Zhaogong Fast Abstract
48 piMANET - A Policy Integrated Security Framework for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Ghosh, Soumya Fast Abstract
98 Microcontroller-Based Implementation of parseKey+ for Limited Resources Embedded Applications Rahnama, Behnam Fast Abstract
102 Obscurity of Network Security Course Curriculum Kondakci, Suleyman Position Paper
106 Counterfactually Reasoning About Security Peralta, Manuel Position Paper
5 Improved Joint Perceptual Encryption and Watermarking Scheme (IJPEW) For JPEG Images KHAN, Muhammad Imran Short Paper
12 A Proposed Watermarking Technique in Transform Domain Hasija, Mansi Short Paper
28 Acceleration of Packet Filtering using GPGPU Gaur, Manoj Short Paper
39 Formal Analysis of Usage Control Policies. OUCHENNE, Boulares Short Paper
41 Multilevel Early Packet Filtering Technique based on Traffic Statistics and Splay trees for Firewall Performance Improvement Trabelsi, Zouheir Short Paper
56 Extending the scope of CardSpace Al-Sinani, Haitham Short Paper
61 Towards Hiding Federated Digital Identity: Stop-Dissemination Mechanism in Content Centric Internetworking Abidi, Amine Short Paper
94 WinSEND: Windows SEcure Neighbor Discovery Alsa'deh, Ahmad Short Paper
105 Towards Intelligent Systems Capable of Information Assurance and Security Related Risk Management Marbukh, Vladimir Short Paper
109 Research on Survivability Metrics Based on Survivable Process of Network System Ming, Liang Short Paper
18 Algebraic analysis of the SSS stream cipher ALMashrafi, Mufeed Student Paper
54 An approach to enhance the security of remote health monitoring systems Elkhodr, Mahmoud Student Paper
96 On the Impacts of Join and Leave on the Propagation Ratio of Topology-Aware Active Worms (Student Contribution) Abdollahi Azgomi, Mohammad Student Paper