SIN2011 is an international event on security of information and networks which will be held in Australia for the first time. Cyber security (of information and networks) is critical for the functioning of ICT infrastructure, and therefore it is getting a lot of traction in the government circles (see: http://www.dsd.gov.au/partners/cybersecurity.htm). SIN 2011 will provide a timely opportunity to enterprises to advertise and promote their businesses, services, and products. It will also provide an opportunity to meet, and establish connections with, researchers and practitioners of security from both Australia and overseas, as well as some our best and most talented postgraduate students working in security and related technologies.

Standard sponsorship packages are described in more detail below. Under the Platinum package, it is also possible to direct sponsorship to certain programs of the conference (such as keynote speeches, reception, banquet, conference proceedings).

Special sponsorship packages can also be developed depending on the specific needs and preferences (for instance, these could include direct sponsorship of the costs of the conference attendance of postgraduate students, organizing additional social events / excursions and so on).

Bronze ($1,500 - $2,999)

Silver ($3,000 - $4,999)

Gold ($5,000 - $7,499)

Platinum - Standard ($7,500+)

Platinum - Keynote ($7,500+)

Platinum - Reception ($7,500+)

There will be only 1 package.

Platinum - Banquet ($10,000+)

There will be only 1 package.

Platinum - Proceedings ($10,000+)

There will be only 1 package.