Accepted Papers (Regular Full Papers upto 8 pages)

  1. “Enhancing the ArchiMate® Standard with a Responsibility Modeling Language for Access Rights Management”
  2. “A Fuzzy based Trustworthy Route Selection Method using LSRP in Wireless Sensor Networks (FTRSP)”
  3. “Split Personality Malware Detection and Defeating in Popular Virtual Machines”
  4. “A Concept of Unification of Network Security Policies (Student contribution)”
  5. “Botnets: A Heuristic-Based Detection Framework ”
  6. “Analysis of a Secure Cooperative Channel Sensing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Networks”
  7. “A Method of Information Security Risk Assessment for Organizations with Corporate Form of Business and Financial Institutions”
  8. “Enforcement of Access Control Policy for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks”
  9. “Detection of Incorrect Position Information using Speed and Time Span Verification in VANET”
  10. “Randomness Analysis on LED Block Ciphers”
  11. “A Novel Framework for Intrusion Detection in Cloud”
  12. “The Method of Optimizing the Automatic Vulnerability Validation ”
  13. “DDoS Detection and Mitigation Model”
  14. “Feature Analysis for the Blind Watermarked Electroencephalogram Signal in Wireless Telemonitoring Using Alattar\’s Method”
  15. “An Efficient Fuzzy Controller Based Technique for Network Traffic Classification to Improve QoS”
  16. “Efficient Regular Expression Pattern Matching for Network Intrusion Detection Systems using Modified Word-based Automata”
  17. “Classification of polymorphic and metamorphic malware samples based on their behavior”
  18. “(Student contribution) A Region Specific Robust Watermarking Scheme Based on Singular Value Decomposition ”
  19. “Building of alphabetic data protection cryptosystems on the base of equal power knapsacks with Diophantine problems ”
  20. “Mining Control Flow Graph as API Call-grams to Detect Portable Executable Malware ”

Accepted Papers (Short Papers upto 5 pages)

  1. “Research about Strength of GOST 28147-89 Encryption Algorithm ”
  2. “Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection Using Meta Ensemble Classifier ”
  3. “(Student Contribution) SIRIS - Secur IRIS Authentication System ”
  4. “Efficient Image Encryption and Decryption Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Fractional Fourier Transform ”
  5. “Methods of automated analysis of vendor specific implementation of stateful-filtration ”
  6. “Detection of Neighbor Discovery Protocol Based Attacks using Multicast Listener Discovery ”
  7. “Hybridization of DCTune and Psycho-visual Saliency model to improve security and capacity in DCT based image watermarking ”
  8. “Lip Peripheral Motion for Visual Surveillance ”
  9. “Fusion of Multiple Data Mining Techniques for Effective Network Intrusion Detection - A Contemporary approach ”
  10. “(Student Contribution) ASPS: An Authentication Scheme using Pre-formed Visual Cryptographic Shares ”
  11. “Detection Attack Analysis using Partial Watermark in DCT Domain ”
  12. “A Clustering based Algorithm for Network Intrusion Detection ”
  13. “ESCAPE: Entropy SCore Analysis of Packed Executable ”
  14. “Security, Simple Network Traffic Monitoring ”
  15. “Fine Tuning the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) ”

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