Conference Program

Advance SIN 2012 Program (Download PDF )

Conference Venue: Design Center, MNIT (200 meters from MNIT main gate)

SIN 2012 (Day 1)
Thursday, October 25, 2012
8:00 AM Onwards Registration
8:15-8:35 AM Inauguration
8:35-9:30 AM Invited Talk T. A. Gonsalves, IIT Mandi, India Innovation for a Better India
9:30-10:15 AM Coffee Break
10:15-11:00 AM Invited Talk RK Shyamasundar, TIFR, India Security and Privacy in Smart Grids: An Overview
11:00-12:15 PM Session 1 Access Control
Session Chair: Naveen Chaudhary, MPUAT Udaipur, India
Paper 2: Christophe Feltus, Eric Dubois, Erik Proper, Iver Band, Michaël Petit: Enhancing the ArchiMate® Standard with a Responsibility Modeling Language for Access Rights Management

Paper 113: Dmitry Chernyavskiy, Natalia Miloslavskaya: A Concept of Unification of Network Security Policies

Paper 149: Soumya Maity, Soumya K Ghosh: Enforcement of Access Control Policy for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
Network Defense
Session Chair: Maxim Anikeev, Tangrog Institute SFedU, Russia
Paper 159: A M Chandrashekhar, Raghuveer K: Fusion of Multiple Data Mining Techniques for Effective Network Intrusion Detection - A Contemporary approach.

Paper 195: KV Arya, Hemant Kumar: A Clustering based Algorithm for Network Intrusion Detection.

Paper 197: Hiroshi Tsunoda, Glenn Mansfield Keeni: Security by Simple Network Traffic Monitoring.

12:00-12:45 PM Invited Talk Debabrata Nayak, Huawei, India Security Issues and Its Implication in Cloud Computing
12:45-13:30 PM Invited Talk Raghu Iyer, Nevis Networks, India Network Managment and Security Challenges faced by Organizations adopting BYOD
13:30-14:15 PM Lunch (MNIT Guest House I)
14:15-15:30 PM Session 2 System Security
Session Chair: Atilla Elçi, Aksaray University, Turkey
Paper 134: Priyanka Loya, Alwyn R Pais: SIRIS - Secure IRIS Authentication System.

Paper 164: Kunal Sain, Mradula Sharma, Suneeta Agarwal: An Authentication Scheme using Pre-formed Visual Cryptographic Shares.

Paper 188: Valeriy Osipyan: Building of alphabetic data protection cryptosystems on the base of equal power knapsacks with Diophantine problems.
Mobile Security
Session Chair: RK Shyamasundar, TIFR, Mumbai, India
Paper 121: Mendonca Luis, Henrique Santos: Botnets: A Heuristic-Based Detection Framework.

Paper 148: Santosh Biswas, G Bansal, Niteesh Kumar, Sukumar Nandi: Detection of NDP Based Attacks using Multicast Listener Discovery.

Paper 153: Jyoti Grover, Manoj S Gaur, Vijay Laxmi, Rakesh Kumar Tiwari: Detection of Incorrect Position Information using Speed and Time Span Verification in VANET.

15:30-16:45 PM Session 3 Cryptographic Techniques
Session Chair: Alwyn R Pais, NITK Surathkal, India
Paper 119: Ekaterina Maro, Liudmila Babenko, Evgeniya Aishchukova: Research about Strength of GOST 28147-89 Encryption Algorithm.

Paper 156: Isa Herman, Muhammad Reza Z'aba: Randomness Analysis on LED Block Ciphers.

Paper 205: Behnam Rahnama, Atilla Elçi, Ibukun Eweoya: Fine Tuning the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Malware Analysis
Session Chair: Raghu Iyer, Nevis Networks, India
Paper 109: Anjana Kumar, Kalpa Vishnani, Vinay Kumar: Split Personality Malware Detection and Defeating in Popular Virtual Machines.

Paper 180: Maxim Anikeev, Liudmila Babenko, Ksenia Tsyganok, Evgeny Tumoyan: Classification of polymorphic and metamorphic malware samples based on their behavior.

Paper 191: Faruki Parvez, Manoj S Gaur, Vinod P., Vijay Laxmi: Mining Control Flow Graph as API Call-grams to Detect Portable Executable Malware.

16:45-17:00 PM Coffee Break
17:00-17:45 PM Invited Talk V. Kamakoti, IITM, India Secure Systems Engineering
17:45-18:30 PM Invited Talk Rakesh Kharwal, McAfee, India Building Resilient Cyber Defense
18:30 Onwards Reception (MNIT Guest House I)

SIN 2012 (Day 2)
Friday, October 26, 2012
8:00-9:15 AM Session 4 Miscellaneous
Session Chair: Virendra Singh, IIT Bombay, India
Paper 138: Prerana Sharma, Devesh Mishra: Efficient Image Encryption and Decryption Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Fractional Fourier Transform.

Paper 165: Sajal Bhatia, Desmond Schmidt, George Mohay: Ensemble-based DDoS Detection and Mitigation Model.
Session Chair: Mark Zwolinski, University of Southampton, UK
Paper 150*: Apurba Das, Kavitha S.: Hybridization of DCTune and Psycho-visual Saliency model to improve security and capacity in DCT based image watermarking.

Paper 166: Nilanjan Dey, Achintya Das, Poulami Das, Sheli Sinha Chaudhuri: Feature Analysis for the Blind Watermarked Electroencephalogram Signal in Wireless Telemonitoring Using Alattar’s Method.

9:15-10:00 AM Invited Talk Alex Liu, MSU, USA High Speed Regular Expression Matching using Small TCAMS
10:00-10:30 AM Coffee Break
10:30-11:15 AM Invited Talk Vincenzo Piuri, Universita degil Studi di Milano, Italy Biometrics Privacy: Technology and Applications
11:15-12:00 PM Invited Talk Pierangela Samarati, Universita degil Studi di Milano, Italy Privacy and Data Protection in Cloud Scenarios
12:00 – 18:30 PM Social Event
19:00 PM Onwards Banquet (Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur)

SIN 2012 (Day 3)
Saturday, October 27, 2012
9:00-9:45 AM Invited Talk Anish Mathuria, DAIICT, India Malicious Insiders in Group Key Exchange Protocols and its Implications in Cloud Computing

Track-A Track-B
9:45-11:00 AM Session 5 Intrusion detection
Session Chair: Liudmila Babenko, Tagnrog Inst., SFedU, Russia
Paper 120: Debojit Boro, Bernard Nongpoh, Dhruba K. Bhattacharyya: Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection Using Meta Ensemble Classifier.

Paper 160: Chirag Modi, Avi Patel, Bhavesh Borisanya, Dhiren Patel, Muttukrishnan Rajarajan: A Novel Framework for Intrusion Detection in Cloud.

Paper 176: Pawan Kumat, Virendra Singh: Efficient Regular Expression Pattern Matching for Network Intrusion Detection Systems using Modified Word-based Automata.
Network Security
Session Chair: Dhiren Patel, SVNIT Surat,India
Paper 128: Geong Sen Poh, Kok-Lim Alvin Yau, Mee Hong Ling: Analysis of a Secure Cooperative Channel Sensing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Networks.

Paper 142: Evgeny Abramov, Elena Barannik, Oleg Makarevich: Methods of automated analysis of vendor specific implementation of stateful-filtration.

11:00-11:30 AM Coffee Break
11:30-12:15 PM Invited Talk Oleg Makarevich, Tagnrog SfedU, Russia Scientific, Methodological and Infrastructural Support of Lifelong IT-Security Education at SFedU
12:15-13:00 PM Invited Talk Christian Probst, Technical University Denmark From Organizational Models to Attacks
13:00-14:00 PM Lunch (MNIT Guest House I)
14:00-15:15 PM Session 6 Watermarking
Session Chair: KV Arya, ABVIIITM Gwalior, India
Paper 157*: Preety Singh, Vijay Laxmi, Manoj S Gaur: Lip Peripheral Motion for Visual Surveillance.

Paper 178: Reena Gunjan, Vijay Laxmi, Manoj S Gaur: Detection Attack Analysis using Partial Watermark in DCT Domain.

Paper 186: Priyanka Singh, Suneeta Agarwal: A Region Specific Robust Watermarking Scheme Based on Singular Value Decomposition.
Systems Vulnerabilities
Session Chair: Bruhadeshwar Bezawada, IIIT Hyderabad, India

Paper 161: Daria Kavchuk, Eugene Tumoyan: The Method of Optimizing the Automatic Vulnerability Validation.

Paper 173: Ajay Chaudhary, Anjali Sardana, Manoj Misra: An Efficient Fuzzy Controller Based Technique for Network Traffic Classification to Improve QoS.

Paper 196: Smita Naval, Vijay Laxmi, MS Gaur, Vinod P.: ESCAPE: Entropy Score Analysis of Packed Executable.

15:15-15:45 PM Coffee Break
15:45-17:00 PM Panel Discussion

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