Large state around 700km X 600km. Jaipur is towards the north-east corner.


To get around - use Road: hire tourist cab, state or private tourist buses etc. Train network does not cover all places. The state gets lot of International tourists (by Indian standards, much lower than Turkey), so tourist information is better than other states(lower than Turkey) .

Travel time: 40-50kmph.


Amer palace (10-15 min outside city), Hawa Mahal (center of city), astronomy brick structure from 1700AD, markets, parks etc. The conference will take you, so you dont have to worry.


45 km from Jaipur (1 hr), famous dargah (of Sufi saint Chisti from 1300 ad) -- people from Pakistan, Bangladesh etc come. including many non-Muslims from India. Religious place.

Need Half a day


About 300 km from Jaipur, capital of one of the medivial kingdoms. Fort, palace etc

Need 1 day + night


About 600 km from Jaipur, another medivial kingdom capital. Further into the Thar desert (west of Jaipur towards Pakistan).

Need 2 days


Fort, about 100 km from Jaislamer


About 300 km from Jaipur, another medivial kingdom capital.

Needs 1-2 days


About 400-500 km south of Jaipur. Lake palace and medivial kingdom capital, a little different from rest.

Needs 2 days.


Fort , About 70km from Udaipur.

Udaipur, Jaislamer, Jodhpur, Bikaner -- would be the order of selection, ignoring logistics.

So your selection depends on how many extra days you are spending extra:

  • 2 days: Either Jodhpur (and ajmer) OR Bikaner
  • 3 days: Either [Jodhpur + Bikaner] OR [Udaipur + Chittorgarh (optional)
  • 5 days: Jodhpur + Jaislamer + Bikaner
  • 7 days: Complete Rajasthan {Jodhpur + Jaislamer + Bikaner + Udaipur}

The bottom 2 will be the best, provided you have the days.

Note: English levels are low in Rajasthan (specially compared to S. India), but tourist guides are skilled in English, any of the state govt employees, and ticket counters, etc will handle English

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